2010-06-27 21:13:47 ET

So, I'm totally going to type and type and not proof-read this. You have been warned of gramatical errors and potentially explicit content. Ok, I'm lying, there WILL be explicit content.


I've been reflecting on the fabulous sex that was had. I haven't gotten laid in a week, what do you REALLY expect me to do. I'm really trying to be faithful to him though I'm so lonely I'm tempted to put a bullshit ad on Craigslist. Not going to do it though. I learned a few new things about myself with Greg.. and things about him.

Neither of us are in to spanking. Which is kind of odd considering the other things we've discovered we're both in to. I've never had a lover lightly choke me. Holy fuck that was kind of nice. He likes getting the fuck clawed out of his back and I will happily oblige, if he claws mine too I'm very happy indeed. Hairpulling is game, I usually just stroke his head since his hair isn't long enough to pull... :(

I really like that while he's not here he sends me dirty pictures everyday and tells me how deprived he is and what he's going to do to me when we see eachother again. I'm totally saving the pictures for personal loving time. I'm kind of visual and I gotta say I could look at that one ALL day. It's kind of cute that he doesn't realize how attractive he is... or he wouldn't be dating me...

Ofcourse there's the lovey conversations and the practical planning conversations as well.

2010-06-27 22:21:17 ET

well you know, different area codes and all.
just sayin'

2010-06-27 23:01:53 ET

Haha... different area codes. That's great.

He sounds like a good time ;)

2010-06-28 06:34:21 ET

I know just what you mean. The racy phone calls are the best.

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