2010-07-02 19:15:24 ET

I'm going up to Alabama tomorrow for the long weekend to spend time with Greg.

I'm going on my bike & am going to pretend GSXRs are touring bikes. My back is going to hate me. 400 miles. YAY! I'm bringing the few vicodin I have left from when I got hit that the ER gave me as I have a feeling I will need them in order to sleep that evening.

2010-07-03 06:36:00 ET

ouch. lol. i rode for the first time this summer on mine last night for about 4 hours on and off...i can't move this morning. more power to ya lady! =]

I'm so happy i have my bike back btw. whenever i get on it i remember why i bought it. 2 wheels to move the soul =]

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