2010-07-10 13:56:38 ET


Just saw Scott's new GF on his facebook. Going through and deleting comments he left on my photos.... Holy fuck. That girl got hit by the ugly forest x20. I actually feel bad for her... I know I totally should keep my mouth shut on that one because if you ain't got nothing nice to say you should probably keep your mouth shut is the general rule. But, I do gotta admit - it's flattering that he couldn't accomplish something more attractive than me.

Edit: Anyone else ever go back to photos with them & their ex's and think - what the fuck was I thinking. I could've totally done better. I mean, not that I regret anything & that there weren't good parts of that relationship. But seriously... why did I do that?

Also, I wish I was comfortable enough in my own skin to wear cute skirts and shorts...

2010-07-10 20:20:54 ET

oh yes i def do that...did that with the last ex recently when i found some saved pics on my computer.

and hun if you've got an ass, then shorty shorts are not your friend. trust me. lol. i have an ass thx to family genes and it's like wearing a denim thong lol. :/

2010-07-11 05:54:27 ET

lol. great mental image. yeah, me & shorts are probably never going to be good friends... except on dress butch & work on cars/bikes days when I wear guy shorts and t-shirts... lol.

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