2010-07-13 12:05:24 ET

Vicodin for cramps plzkthx.

I don't know what it's been lately but the last 4 packs I actually BLEED for a goddamn week. I never used to actually bleed on this birth control. I want a new one. Anyone have any luck with any of them and NO BLEEDING?

2010-07-13 15:10:20 ET

I've had good luck with seasonique, it's a period every 3 months kind of thing. I haven't had spotting or anything, but other people sometimes do.
I hear when people get the bc shot that the period often stops all together though.

2010-07-14 06:15:37 ET

I didn't have periods on depo...but I also got preggo on depo.

I have the mirena iud now...and i don't have periods.

2010-07-14 10:57:29 ET

I'm looking in to Lybrel. Gyno appointment tomorrow.

2010-07-14 11:29:18 ET

i didnt have any periods or spotting on depo. was on it for 4 years and didnt get pregnant. im on seasonale now since jan and ive only had a LIGHT LIGHT period. i was considering lybrel but it was more cost efficent to get the generic seasonale.

2010-07-14 13:23:08 ET

Well, one of the few things I can get my mom to pay for is birth control so I'm after whatever makes the nasty BLOOD stop. I have the most horrible periods, so yeah.

I had a girlfriend who went PSYCHO on depo so I'd like to not do that. Plus, I don't like needles & would rather not visit my gyno that often.

2010-07-14 13:30:09 ET

there is a sub-q depo injection that you can give youself or someone else can give you in your tummy. its pretty much painless.

2010-07-18 07:26:51 ET

i like Yaz cause you can start it the day your period starts and it actually shortens that period. then i take my bc without white pills so i never have a period.

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