2010-07-20 05:05:15 ET

Well, I thought I should give you all an update.

I now live right outside of Dothan, AL. Greg and I are signing the lease papers on the house we are renting after he gets off work. It's a cute little 3/1.5 with a garage. We're probably going to try to find a roommate at some point in the near future.

2010-07-20 05:15:21 ET

My parents live in the Elba/Enterprise area. When I'm visiting, we're in Dothan everyday. We should def' meet up!

2010-07-20 06:29:28 ET

Hell yeah. We're actually staying in Kinsey - not a horrible area but definitely not the nicest. :)

2010-07-20 06:38:02 ET

Good for you!

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