2010-08-03 10:55:16 ET

So, the captions of last week.

I was totally a bitch for really no reason most of last week. All I know is I felt like shit and was terrible at hiding it. Utterly shocked Greg didn't tell me to gtfo over that one.

I decided I'm going to try Lybrel. I start in a few days.

In other notes, stupid wax lady took off most of my left eyebrow by accident yesterday. I'm really upset about it. I went to a Cost Cutters salon - ended up be free but still... yeah, I'm fuming about it. I've thus far had OK luck with MAC's eyebrow liner thus far appears to be holding decently despite having to wear the full face helmet in the sweltering heat. I still can't believe that happened - I've never had someone fail so badly. Greg's been trying to make me feel better about it to little success. I'm so vain it's not even funny and this really isn't helping keep that in check.

There is one kind of sad statement about how much stupid things can affect a person... Greg has getting a couch last on the list of furniture because he's afraid I'll banish him to the couch to sleep. I'm probably not easing that fear by saying things like, "dude.. come on movie time, get off the xbox or I'm banishing you to the imaginary couch." I should probably be more sensitive about that... we both have some deep wounds to heal from previous shit storms.

2010-08-03 11:06:36 ET

ooh and I like to use a small angled brushed. I think it's the 218 brush? works well with a dark eye shadow. i had the same thing happen to me at once.

2010-08-03 11:29:32 ET

I love that brush. It was my first MAC brush ever. Unfortunately, lasting power diminishes when I use the dark eyeshadow. :(

2010-08-03 11:36:57 ET

Do you use the eybrow wax? When I wear my eye brows thin I use the wax and put the shadow on top. It makes it very defined and dark if you like that look.

mac brushes are the freaking best!

2010-08-04 04:47:20 ET

Right now I'm going for whatever holds best as my full face helmet comes on and off 5-8x a day. Lol.

2010-08-04 05:07:10 ET

hha aww. I can understand that. With this heat and humidity I always fear my eyebrows melting off.

2010-08-05 09:43:52 ET

I'm working on trying to not care as much... and failing miserably.

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