2010-08-10 10:52:30 ET

So, I'm on day two of Lybrel.

I'm in a fabulous mood!

And I started it at the beginning of my cycle so I'm having minimal spotting. No cramps, no headaches, no nausea, no bloated feeling. If the spotting stops I'll be stoked.

With my fabulous mood Greg and I are getting along and having fun again.

2010-08-16 10:06:41 ET

good to hear!

i had my first cycle on Yaz last week and the cramps made me wanna die so glad to hear someone's having a good run with mother nature! :P

2010-08-16 12:31:43 ET

Spotting stopped 4 days in to pill pack. I'm not getting the horrible everlasting spotting people complain about.

2010-08-17 05:28:53 ET

yeah it's super fun -_-

2010-08-26 12:31:26 ET

I LOVE IT WHEN MY VAGINA DOESN'T BLEED. I just thought you all should know that.

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