2010-09-10 07:59:14 ET

I'm seriously considering trying to apply for SSI.

I don't know what to do. I can't hold a job. When I try to it just doesn't work. I get so anxious and I just leave. Or I stare at the clock intently feeling the pressure in my chest waiting to leave.

2010-09-10 08:22:13 ET

good luck with that. i've been trying for a year, and they always reply with "get a job with no stress" like it exists. you might save yourself the trouble and contact an attorney to see if you have a case.

2010-09-10 09:23:09 ET

What kind of job has no stress. I find that when I can get office manager jobs with too many tasks I stay busy enough to not freak out. But I definitely can't handle retail jobs.

2010-09-10 09:31:55 ET

the jobs i'm most qualified for are in food service, and that's a very stressful field. bunch of wankers working at ssi, i swear.

2010-09-10 10:06:38 ET

I would kill myself in food service. :/

2010-09-10 11:05:34 ET

i've chopped off the tip of a few fingers and knuckles. kitchens can be really hectic. i love to cook though.

2010-09-10 13:24:16 ET

Sooo you want free money because, like everyone else in the world, work stresses you out? Come on...

2010-09-10 16:35:35 ET

i think neko went that route and got like $86 a month or something.

life is stress. work is stress. dealing with it is adulthood.

2010-09-10 16:40:30 ET

not being able to deal with it can sometimes mean lots of medication that puts you to sleep for days at a time.

2010-09-10 16:42:33 ET


2010-09-11 05:29:52 ET

right, no one can live off $86 a month anyway.

2010-09-11 10:10:29 ET

i thought if you bummed around on people's couches you could totally have internet and drugs for less than $86 a month

2010-09-11 13:34:49 ET

oh true. see I'm used to paying for rent, utilities, food, car payments, insurance, internet, gas, etc., so I forgot there were people out there who mooched off others for a living.

2010-09-11 15:06:49 ET

i remember them every time i look at my pay stub and see that chunk of money missing.

2010-09-12 14:18:34 ET

I don't pay into social security...

2010-09-12 16:55:19 ET


2010-09-12 17:13:26 ET

Yeah, though, I can't collect on this period of my life when I retire, and I have to pay for my own Long Term Disability insurance, in case of the unforseen.

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