2010-11-27 15:14:14 ET

The holidays are easily the hardest for me in regards to my in remission eating disorder. The fridge is stuffed with leftovers, I'll feel bad if they good bad since so many don't people have food, so what do I do? Stuff my face. Then I feel guilty and fear I'll get even fatter and uglier, and then nobody will love me. It's really ridiculous this affair food and I have.

2010-11-27 15:47:46 ET

I have a Fit. You should get on my dick.

2010-12-06 05:12:13 ET

isn't it great? I love cookies and chex mix but all the way home in the car i'm telling myself how fat i am and how I shouldn't eat anything the next day at all.

I bellydanced last night and caught myself in the mirror and thought "omg...ugh"

sorry you're having a rough time. I know how much it sucks :/

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