2011-01-05 06:43:26 ET

Well, Monday I got fired/laid off. The owner's son (major douchebag) phrased it like a firing, but in reality my job was eliminated. They weren't hiring a replacement, just giving someone who's department they eliminated my job. Honestly, I was a bit relieved. I liked the fact that they let me have peacock hair. But, I started to hate everything else about the job. The people I worked with were the most shallow and materialistic people I'd ever met. I guess in retrospect I had a lot of trouble relating to them which is probably why they ganged up, said I said some things I didn't say, and sat on facebook all day... Which I didn't. I have a smart phone, ya think I'm stupid enough to sit on facebook on work computers? LOL!

So, I went home, filed for unemployment and started putting more applications in. In a funny turn of events kind of way, I got an interview yesterday out of the few applications I put in off of Craigslist. In an even more amusing way, I landed the job of the one and only interview I went to yesterday AND I got a raise and get to work an industry where I feel I can make a difference. It's in special education but in the administrative and materials writing sectors. Wooh.

Also, if any of you consider buying the AhhBra off of the infomercial please don't. It's a shitty product, it's made in China for about $2 a bra compared to the $59.99 you'll pay for 3 of them. Furthermore, I had to process over 500 returns a day, most of which were women bitching about the obvious failures of the bra and how many bras arrived with holes already. 500+ returns a day can't all be crazy, can they? It's basically a sports bra made out of hoisery, it has no support, no lift, the seams tear/run constantly and the sizing chart is wayyy off! Oh, and if you want to be really grossed out, the returns come back to the warehouse. There's a few men in the warehouse who remove the funk people left on them (deodorant, hair, unknown debris, etc.) with lint removers/sponges and send them back out the unknowing customers. They don't even wash/sanitize them. You're welcome for the heads up. :)

2011-01-05 07:43:19 ET

ahh boobs.

2011-01-05 07:49:35 ET

Boob scum! That is amazingly nasty. I feel lucky to be informed by an insider!

2011-01-05 15:36:18 ET

SU - You have no idea. When I ran out of data entry work in the front, I helped open the mailed back returns. Stuff was so fucking nasty it's not even funny.

2011-01-05 15:49:01 ET

omg ew. i have watched that infomercial with mild interest since every girl likes a good supportive AND comfortable bra. thanks for the heads up.

2011-01-05 16:15:04 ET

Yeah, just stay away from it. I wish I had gotten photos of some of the shit they came across.

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