2011-01-31 11:00:41 ET

So Greg is fed up with his work schedule. Apparently the not a single day off the same routine is making him (and me) majorly depressed. It's been really bad this weekend, all he talks about is how he wants to die. So, he's going to start looking at getting a job with a different dealership that preferably only does service 5 days a week (M-F), but he'll settle for having to work a Saturday.

On a more positive note I took my bike to Chad Wolfe (he's a legend, like Chuck Norris) and he made me love my bike all over again. It's so freaking responsive it's insane! I totally rode it like an ass hat on the way home from that... it felt soooo good!

2011-01-31 11:18:54 ET

Random, but I really like your hair in your gallery pic.

2011-02-01 04:44:43 ET

Thank you. =)

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