2011-02-07 04:27:32 ET

I like waking up to sexy time. I am in a great mood too.

Got laid, got breakfast, then had an uneventful commute to work. Looks like it'll be a good day.

Also, I'm thinking of picking up the Olympus Pen EP-1 camera... I'm not sure how I feel about the lack of view finder as I'm coming from DSLR type of cameras but haven't had one in about a year. So, it's either the Olympus Pen or a more trusted and known DSLR.

So, the choices are:





Hmmm... decisions...

2011-02-07 05:35:00 ET

early morning sex = est way to start your day EVAR

2011-02-07 06:18:05 ET

I love morning sex.

And Im not even looking at those links because Ill just get jealous.

2011-02-07 06:38:06 ET

I love long, passionate morning sex and that is what I got. And then we showered and got breakfast together at IHOP... lol.

2011-02-07 06:41:20 ET

A quickie is nice if you have to get to work, though.

2011-02-07 10:22:32 ET

eh, there's no excuse to lessen a good passionate first thing in the morning love session. screw work, they can wait for me. lol

2011-02-07 10:41:00 ET

Not when you work for your dad.

2011-02-07 13:47:53 ET

Yeah.. Dads might not accept that excuse for being late.

2011-02-07 17:21:24 ET

Absolutely not.

2011-02-07 17:23:47 ET

who says you had to tell him that though? "my dog ate my alarm clock" would totally suffice.

2011-02-08 02:12:17 ET

Yeeahhhh....you've never met my dad.

2011-02-08 05:34:35 ET

I wish I had a dad like that. I have mom like that. A mean dictator mommy. She expects you to wait outside in the rain/hail/hurricane if she's picking you up for something. lol.

2011-02-08 05:39:39 ET

Dont get my wrong, my dad is awesome. He's just really old school.

2011-02-09 17:10:47 ET

ah morning sex...i miss it lol

and as far as your camera goes, i'd just go with what your comfortable with. also, as you already know, the newest camera doesn't mean the best. I just bought my own SLR after borrowing from my college for photo classes every year and I bought a Nikon D3000. Not the newest, but it's what I need. Don't spend more money than you need to :)

2011-02-16 04:45:23 ET

I ended up buying a Nikon D3100 as I got it for a good price at Sam's Club. I tried to get by with a canon sx130is but it was such a downgrade even from the old canon rebel I had a few years ago...

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