2011-02-28 04:24:08 ET

My new MacBook is supposed to be delivered Thursday. I'm excited.

Currently, I'm sitting in a McDonalds drinking a small iced latte (nonfat milk) while my car gets it's windows tinted before the summer time heat really hits. Greg is convinced this will help with how hot the inside of the car feels immensely. I've never had a car with tinted windows that also had a working a/c so this is a new experience for me.

Still haven't heard a verdict from my interview on Friday but she did e-mail me back and forth a lot on that day about writing samples and banner ad samples. So hopefully that's a good sign. I'd imagine the fact they even e-mailed me to ask for samples after the interview means I didn't screw up the interview too bad and that they're still considering me. I'd be really happy about getting the position, especially if it pays what my old job paid or better...

2011-02-28 07:54:39 ET

Good luck!!

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