2011-03-06 07:35:03 ET

I've actually had a pretty good week of being unemployed.

I've had some great PG and X rated times with the boyfriend. And, I've been reading a book called No Fat Chicks which I think raises a lot of good points. So, I'm done dieting. I'm done with the daily judgment of stepping on a scale. I'm done with feeling guilty for eating a few fries once in awhile. What I am going to do is to try to make more real home-made meals at home and to do more active activities. And, I'm going to accept that my current weight isn't acceptable, but fuck it, my body type is what it is and I need to make peace with it to make it closer to what it should be.

2011-03-06 15:33:19 ET

if you like that book...check outthis book. i really liked it.

2011-03-07 12:01:31 ET

I think I will... when I see a paycheck from another job. Right now I'm banned from buying things... lol.

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