2011-07-13 17:40:31 ET

I think my new hair turned out awesome.

This is what the boyfriend has been working on for almost the last month.

And sometimes he pretends to be a dinosaur (who rides motorcycles).

Sometimes he pretend to be king of the pillows.

And sometimes he likes to study nature, but putting it in his gigantic ear lobes.

I love that idiot. <3

2011-07-14 04:04:13 ET

I wish I could pull off blue hair.

2011-07-16 14:32:23 ET

I'm sure you could with the right shade. :)

I have a LOT of red undertones in my cheeks and I find my current hair color helps diminish from that a lot. Also, it doesn't photograph so well but there's 2 different shades of blue, a blue black base, a significant amount of purple, and some green and teal.

2011-07-22 05:55:41 ET

You've got great skin.

2011-07-25 06:21:16 ET

@subsume - Thank you. :)

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