2011-07-25 06:07:17 ET

Will someone please help me to find motivation to go to the gym today because I know I won't make it up later?

I'm so sleepy, I slept like shit, my back hurts, and I had to get up at 6:30 to stand outside the health dept with a sick boyfriend - I'm thinking tonsillitis.

2011-07-25 08:15:06 ET

You'll regret it if you dont.

2011-07-25 08:29:02 ET

I went. Just super bummed because the weight is going back up despite the exercise and dieting.

2011-07-25 09:18:57 ET

Ive been there. Time to change up your routine.

2011-07-25 09:31:36 ET


2011-07-25 09:46:13 ET

Also, measuring inches can help that slump. Like Gryfin said, muscle is heavier than fat.

2011-07-26 06:31:01 ET

3 weeks in and I already have to change stuff again? Really? I'm trying to figure out what I can change, I guess I could do the row machine instead of the bike. I despise treadmills and the elliptical...

I guess I could try to find a cheap measuring tape...

2011-07-26 06:46:05 ET

Add minutes of cardio. Or do a different program on the treadmill. Change up your diet.

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