2011-08-17 11:12:16 ET

Greg is still sick. It's been 6 or 7 weeks now. He finally got his bloodwork done. I have a feeling he's going to be told he's diabetic given his symptoms including the skin discoloration. How can I be supportive if this is the case?

2011-08-17 11:40:31 ET

If he does have diabetes, the important thing is to get the lifestyle changes in place to avoid further complications from it right away. Maybe go to the library and pick up books on it and get a lot of diabetic friendly recipes and start cooking together. He's going to have to want to make the changes for himself, to help himself though otherwise it will make no difference. I have a diabetic grandfather and uncle who eat whatever the hell they want and trust me, he doesn't want the complications from it, and you do not want to have to watch someone you love deal with those complications. Have a serious and firm conversation with him about it. Tell him sincerely that you want to help and you don't want to watch him suffer. If he wants help then stick with it and do whatever you can to help him get the information, food, and exercise that will keep him as healthy as he can be. I really wish you both the best with this. I hope it's something else that is easier to treat and change.

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