2011-11-18 15:33:40 ET

Got my hair cut today.

A facebook friend commented on how it looked like my face was slimming with the weight loss. What do you guys think?

In other news, after a fiasco with AAA that involved finding an unknown contact and getting a conversation with the VP of AAA National, things are getting going again. They've requested we get a second estimate to repair our bike. So, the bike is at Barney's (a dealer) to get that estimate. We will see. *fingers crossed*

In weight loss news I've been on a plateu for like 6 weeks where my weight fluctuates from 267.4-269, so after I tried beating it with different exercise the last 2 weeks I decided to go on a 36 hour "controlled" binge which basically meant still being aware of what I'm consuming. Last night I ate boneless wings and fries, then walked 2 miles to a bar and back where I drank 5 Tom Collins and got so drunk I had panic attacks and cried for 3 hours - I don't think Gin and I are friends and yes I'm a light weight. Yeah, Greg is still mad/annoyed at me for that one - I think I need to stick to rum and coke and a 3 drink maximum. I don't know, I guess I just get sad when drinking gin. Is it just me? Today I ate toast with peanut butter for breakfast, a kids meal at Checkers, some pizza for dinner, and I'm grabbing sushi with le boyfriend and a friend of ours in an hourish. Then tomorrow morning it's back to counting calories and Monday we will see if my adventure helped by making my metabolism freak out. If nothing else, I bet I lost 10 pounds from gin shits today. My stomach is still on edge, not even sure if I'm going to drink at all tonight. Maybe something fruity and super girly with my sushi.

In medical news, my Humira came in today. My dermatologist was super effective at getting the insurance company to cover it for off label usage of treatment of my hidradenitis suppurativa. I'm supposed to start it Sunday after verifying my TB test is negative tomorrow afternoon and getting a flu shot. I even got a sharps container. And looking at it makes my belly turn, flop, and otherwise causes discomfort. I'm going to get my mom or Greg to inject me... I don't think I can do it myself.

2011-11-30 06:28:02 ET

Have you tried doing interval work? It tends to boost fat burning, as opposed to just long steady bouts at the same pace.

2011-11-30 08:24:49 ET

^ Yep. I'm too ADD to just stay at the same pace for however long so I ended up doing a sort of interval thing before I looked up what it was.

But, I think my few day crash diet kicked me out of the plateu. Yesterday was 265.

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