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Name: Call me Hayleigh-Anne, transitioning from Billy/Bea
Gamertag: NONNYbitz
Adult Film Alias: Emmaraye "Emma" Vilhelmmas
(according to someone I'm willyBilly, my answer to which, SESSY JESSI!!!)

Something: because what are we without our cosmetics
DOB: 6-11-1987
(I was 14 when I started this page, and it bloody shows)
Thus Astrology's definition of me: Gemini
Hometown: Moorestown, New Jersey
Subculture: I'm just me, Plain and simple.

AIM: PlasticWIREsteeL
(contact info currently in progress)
Personality: I've been said to be nice-until-provoked, paranoid, quirky, known to bend over backwards in apologies...the list keeps going...
Intelligence Quotient: 131
Emotional Intelligence Quotient: OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND
Common sense Quotient: 002

Miscellaneous: I'ma come clean. My handle online comes from a Pokémon episode about Beedrills and a Samurai, plus a Rugrats episode about a daycare and one of its staff going by the codename, "One-Sandra-Niner." I did pick up Pokémon again but only because you can create your character now and I still don't really know how to play. :O

My interests in art is usually cartoons. I draw myself, and my mother calls my style "idiosyncratic." What's that mean anyway? :P

I play a couple video games, at the top of the heap being music games! I probably have a small Sonic obsession as well.

The music sense I have is a rather broad one. Go ahead and suggest I listen to something. I might like what I hear.

As far as my shortcomings go, it's not really much other than all the Autism and seeing and hearing things others can't. Well it's pretty real to me! I have, however, gotten out there and I'm honing my social skills, not to mention I landed that sweet erotica gig not too long ago, so frankly, I might have anal hamburgers, but Asperger's does not have me. Every naysaying NT can eat me. ^_^V

Being African-American, I'm constantly ridiculed by the other African-Americans, as "there is a civil war goin' on with Black people, and you've got two sides." As much as Black people kick fucking ass, we have our problems, my only real problem being that we're some indoctrinating-ass motherfuckers to the point it helped crack my fuckin' brain. Nothing turns me on more than a Black who can think outside of the hip hop and R&B box. I like those things, but don't go tellin' me I'm only supposed to like those things...Things like B.E.T. used to really gripe me because it wasn't very tasteful, but I hear they're better now.

My vocabulary is apparently too much for anyone normal, and it ain't even really that big. It's nothing, really. People are too damn stubborn to pick up a crappin dictionary and decipher anything.

Currently my free time consists of mostly Drawing, games, staring into space, saving the world from certain doom with the aid of three friends, and sometimes watching TV. I don't watch a lot of it. Other things are a bajillion times less stupid than a lot of TV today. Who's even watching TV anymore? :P

If you would like to talk, then feel free to drop me a line using the information above. 'Lllater!


Unwarranted Self Importance  

VTuber Debut-ness!!2022-05-17 19:42:13 ET

EDIT: The link works now

I did an animated game review! Click to see!!

So I did a video some time ago and figured I'd actually post about it. I hope some of you like it, and feel free to tell me how I can improve. :)
Rock Revolution [X360]
Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis [PC] [XBONE]
My Friend Peppa Pig [XBONE]
Samba De Amigo ver. 2000 [DC]

Thinking I Might VTube2020-12-12 17:49:04 ET

The Phantom Tollbooth
Wes Craven's New Nightmare
Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Potential Bleeding Eyes
Myself? :O

Rock Revolution [X360, DS]
Bust-A-Move: Dance & Rhythm Action [PSX]
Bust-A-Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix [PSX]
Dance Summit 2001: Bust-A-Move [PS2]
Phantasy Star Online 2 [XBONE, STEAM]


2019-05-25 09:03:02 ET

So I think I might believe in psych meds. I dunno, I just feel everything in my head slowly sorting itself out. I don't feel very angry with the world, like I just wanna draw or play a game or watch a video. I'm sure I'm still as odd and off-beat as I ever was, but I feel pretty good.

Oh, yea so me and my lovely (it's been more than three years now) bought 12 acres in B.F.E., Maine and had a cabin of sorts built, so maybe it helps I wake up in the morning and I see all these woods and not a bajillion people. :P

Happy Saturday!
Team Sonic Racing (XBONE)
Sonic Forces (EVERYTHING)

The Avengers: Endgame
12 Monkeys
Star Wars Trilogy and Phantom Menace on bloody LaserDisc, from before all the bullshit!

PING? PONG!2018-09-18 04:59:05 ET

About time for the old "How's everyone on SK doin?'" :D

Introducing "How Now?! Vidya!" Coming very probably.2016-12-03 05:52:58 ET

Have an animation cell. Hopefully this'll be like my first coherent thing ever, and that I'll find a topic people care about. :P
Pokémon Sun (3DS)
Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX (3DS)
Rock Band Rivals (XBONE)

zOMG PLOT TWIST2016-06-28 21:17:08 ET

So it's been an interesting few months. Netherlands was pretty cool, but then something really neat happened in the form of a significant other, a real one. This was someone from Maine who I kinda helped save from some asshats she was staying with in Philly. I had dated her before but they had pretty much threatened her out of it, but then some time after she had been back home, she asked for me back and to live with her. Totally knew what I had to do there. Two months in and it's been really great. I'm happy I'm resuming what we'd stared and, on an unrelated note, that I'm also finally seeming to grow as a person, it's crazy. Byes for now, I'ma try to use this more.
Laserdiscs! Many Laserdiscs!!

Power Rangers Dash (ANDROID)
Splatoon (WII U)
Shaq-Fu (GEN)
Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
Rock Band 4 (XBONE)
Guitar Hero Live (XBONE)

Afscheid, Verenigde Staten!2015-09-30 16:03:44 ET

So! Short news, I might be emigrating to Holland soon. Long news once I figure everything out. :O

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