2003-10-20 15:14:58 ET


2003-10-22 00:44:47 ET

tony hawks underground! What happened did he land on his head wrong!? O.o Heh sorry.

2003-10-22 15:42:56 ET

lol. no its this game thats supposed to basically blow pro skater away, you get a story mode that stars you, a created skater and not a pro, hell, you can even put your face on 'im, scary...here, I wrote about it

2003-10-23 11:25:19 ET

Mr. Jersey boi I am going to be up there on the 27-29 Josh is going to be with me hopfully. I am going to Sparta and Newton NJ

2003-10-23 17:43:46 ET

"Lets welcome Josh Hickey to Pro Skater!"
That would be really cool man!

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