Hello Clarice......I'M CUMMING!!!
2002-06-23 09:43:48 ET

I got the weirdest fuckin call a couple minute ago... It sounded like no one was on the phone really and in the background like either some girl was mastubating/having sex or there was a porno movie......I tried to *69 them, it was classified. I take it it was either some punk being stupid, or it was demiTori yanking my chain and being funny (probably wasnt her, that ain't like her/aint her stlye/not "prankey") Whatever...
lighter note, My friend wants me to get a job with him. I wanna. My Mom detests my happiness and of course said no. My dad wants me to at least try this "camp" thing for a week, and then see what goes on from there....My, my.....

2002-06-24 09:27:39 ET

it was me!!!! haha no jk.

2002-06-25 12:06:09 ET

heh...That was just SOME call that was.......

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