Did I eat my drink? I thought milk was pink!!!
2003-11-01 16:56:21 ET

Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2)
Yanya Cabillista City Skater (PS2)

2003-11-07 11:50:01 ET

Gotta <3 Umjammer Lammy. Both versions (Parappa/Lammy) of that song Fright Flight!! rocks. I love it! And "hold the hose real tight and get ready for a real fight"... whatever that one is called, its so cool.

sorry to babble. Oh yeah, Tony Hawk's Underground.. I realllly want that game.

2003-11-07 15:55:31 ET

Yeah, lol I went straight online, and it was really awesome drawing that face and putting it in there. And oh yeah that song is called FIRE FIRE!! Hmm some of my favorites would have to be the Parappa versions of Fire Fire, Baby Baby, and Power off-Power on...and the Lammy version of Taste of Teriaki....Hey might you have gotten your hands on Bust a Groove 2? I'm trying to go score that one tomorrow...

2003-11-07 16:18:18 ET

Man, I want BAG2... I gotta get some cash. I want DDR Max 2, I have Max and I <3 it to death. Lammy is still one of my favorite musical games. I like a game for PS2 called Unison. Its kinda cheesey but its a cool game to watch girls dance around in :-P

2003-11-07 16:28:27 ET

I cant rap in UJL; I'm way better at the guitar...DDRMAX is good eh? I was afraid to get it cause its a USA DDR...Unison I never heard of...what's it like?

2003-11-08 06:26:07 ET

haha, rappin' in UJL is so hard. You have to kinda disreguard what Parappa is saying and just focus on the buttons. Thats ususally how I play. Unison is a game about 3 girls who dance. Each girl has a different level of diffulculty. It has a really cute story behind it. The evil Ducker has banned dancing. And the girls are doing dance shows under the tutelage of Dr. Dance. First you learn how to do the dance and then you perform it for a show.

They have some cool songs. My favorite is Night of Fire and Barbie Girl. They also have some well known songs like Nelly's Country Grammar and Thats the Way I like it from KC and the Sunshine band. But there's this one Japanese song Yo Sa Ku, its really cool. Nice beat.

The game's kinda tough to find because I guess Techmo didn't plan on it doing well (and it didn't)so they didn't print many. Plus they seem to have a big focus on the Dead or Alive series....

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