IM or AIMchat? Those who keeps Saying "IM me!!" hows about chat invites...
2002-07-02 19:06:03 ET

Okay, you AIMers...I keep seeing this "IM me. IM me. IM me." Its gotten me down to thinking.....Would these people really rather they had one on one conversations with multiple people...or would you rather a nice group thing? I mean really people. I can see where some one on one's should be engaged (like the ones between me and demiTori, Or little secret conversations I've seen people arrange and then disappear from chat for a while) But if its like yeh want a common friendly thing fer no real purpose, "for the hell of things," I say go with one AIM's fine chat invites. That way you just dont chew the fat with just one little guy, but with many, making it a more interesting environment, no? I'm just saying try it...You could be really crappin surprised....I've been in some interesting chats heheheh......
Lighter note...Yes, I'm still alive I've just not been around during the day because I have been pushed into social enlightenment again (Lay terms: day camp.) I wont like it. It gives me problems. SERIOUS problems...sometimes I wanna stand up and scream "I will be kept company when I'm damn good and ready..."

2002-07-02 21:05:00 ET

i want to scream
fuck injustice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im going nuts!!!!!

2002-07-03 18:44:52 ET

"Fuck authority---Hit yo' ass in the head with mah 40!!"
-koRn song excerpt...I'm lame

Well I aint goin' yet...I been at my gramma's on my dreamcast...It dont work correctly on matter...If I'm really pissed off I'm going in really gothy shit like my punk bracelet, my jeans with the 38" leg openings, one of my shirts with provocative slogans and under it my fishnets...My dad HATES my fishnets...especially since I told him I got it from the girl part of the store...I'm going to see what happens if I tell him I'm ünterbisexual...It's a word I made up for one that feels sexually attached to both genders, however, has that feeling stronger for the opposite sex...Fascinating, no?

2002-07-04 14:24:51 ET

quite indeed. perhaps thats what i would classify myself. do what you feel is right. all the power to you!

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