▄nterbisexual: just more of my tinpot philosophy...
2002-07-04 13:44:12 ET

heterosexual one who has sexual attraction/intimate feelings for those of the opposite sex; straight. just like the masses and *shudder* DrLaura would have wanted it.

homosexual one who has sexual attraction/intimate feelings for those of the same sex; gay, queer, etc.

bisexual sexual attraction/intimate feelings for those of either gender; bi.

Now I'm here to open up a new can of worms. Unless someone can tell be there is a proper, uncrude word for a kind of newfound sexual orientation, I'm her to rant.

Now I've been watching movies and reading shit for a while. And I this never came up. And I ficking wondered a little if this is Fascinating enough to get people thinking of a name...or if I'm just wasting my time and I am just bisexual bisexual.

It's like something I wondered because I like dress feminine sometimes and have a lot of feminine traits....but on another hand, I have a girlfriend and I am still attracted to girls more than guys, which I have a much smaller attraction to, nonetheless, an attraction. I figured somebody else must have this problem, and probably has it it worse than me, with that, I have taken it apon my self to make up a word for this, if there aint one:

Řnterbisexual sexual/intimate feelings for both sexes, however, has those feelings stronger for one gender than the other.

I used a german word for a prefix. It means under, less than, shit among those lines. The problem however is I dont know whether or not I spent 20 minutes writing shit. What d'yeh make...?

2002-07-04 13:48:19 ET

hmm, im definitely thinking you are just bi. being bi doesnt mean you have to like the sexes 50-50.

2002-07-05 06:58:58 ET

maybe, maybe I guess...interesting word however, no?

2002-07-05 09:16:37 ET

it makes sense to me..

2002-07-05 09:18:25 ET

2002-07-18 17:49:52 ET

I think that having the prefix "Unter" in front of sexual just sounds bad. As if you are undersexed.

People's sexuality doesn't matter much, anyway. Do what you like but don't get caught up in labeling it and then living up to that label. I am so tired of people who introduce themselves to you with their sexuality.

Oops. No more grousing.

2002-07-18 18:01:36 ET

Thanks.....Right now I've figured that I was just not
completely heterosexual...I'm sticking with that...Which is
pretty much okay, rights?

2002-07-18 18:04:24 ET

Just think of it as keeping your options open. :)

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