2004-04-27 14:09:32 ET

Two years and under 20 pages. Yeesh.

2004-04-27 14:22:58 ET

I don't have any idea how long I've been on here.

I guess it's longer than two years though, since you came after me.

(by the way, if you read my newest entry, don't be offended. your long bio is an adventure)

2004-04-27 14:26:18 ET

I've been here two and a half years... I gotta quit changing my name...MISSYOU!!!!

2004-04-30 12:05:24 ET

Andy-I see nothing offending

2004-05-04 15:03:21 ET

I doubt it....
OMG I found that letter you wrote me I swear I will write you as soon as I can.

2004-05-05 12:19:16 ET

cool beanses

2004-05-11 09:17:49 ET

Love you!!!

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