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2004-08-21 05:28:58 ET

So the past couple of weeks have been pretty good. Two weeks ago me and my friend PJ went to the mall and met up with this cool girl named Erin and her friends. It went kinda weird because neither of us said much to each other. But it was fun anyway. But the following week was really cool because i went to meet them at a show. It was a free show that aimed at getting people to vote. It was cool because There were a lot of like underground bands that played. Oh yes this one band, Last Week of the Day, was able to get a couple of people to mosh. It was the first time i really witnessed moshing, i even got in a couple times. I'm sure I looked stupid. The band even played our favorite song, "Eat a Hoagie." Its a great song, even though my mother hates when i play it. So anyway, fun time.

In other news, I recently picked up Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure, Its and okay game that was based off of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 engine. But it was totally stripped down and it only gave you a handful of tricks to do. It featured a weird collection of songs pulled off of Radio Disney, a couple of them were pretty bad. It provided about the same challenge as Tony Hawk but most of the goals were kinda easy. It was an okay game. But it was suprisingly hard to find. If you see it then I say give it a shot

Anything else cool happens then i guess I'ma write about it, Till then, that is all...
Last Week of the Day: Eat a Hoagie
Crush 40: In the Lead

Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure (PS2)
Xbox Music Mixer (XBOX)

2004-08-29 05:03:25 ET

Mosh! *jumps around alone*

2004-08-29 15:09:06 ET

lol *moshes with josh*

2004-08-30 11:28:00 ET

*moshes with bee and whips off flanel to use as flag!* Bee we rock man!

2004-08-31 08:57:24 ET

glad you had fun :)

they FINALLY got a dancing game at my local mall... after all this time...

and do you know what it was?

NOT DDR... oh no, NOT the one donna is familiar with and can play... nooooooooooo... it's pump it up or some generic shit, with the free spaces in the OPPOSITE spots as to what im used to... sniffle :(

2004-09-03 07:35:17 ET

Ah Pump it Up! good favorite song is Beethoven Virus on Hard, the spinning around I do is great. You should give it a shot. It's louder, and it has better songs, sometime I'm gonna get the game at home and play...

2004-09-03 19:33:36 ET

i prefer DDR :( its what im used to lol

pump it up is fun, buti havent had enough practice at it yet, you know?

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