"Mirror, mirror on the wall...Jean-Claude-Van-Damn I'm fine!!!"
2002-07-14 08:50:22 ET

Look at this I found on my HD...how pretty Bee was...

Damn I was pretty. Damn I was a fat bastard.

2002-07-15 18:55:57 ET

OMG!!!! That is to CUTE!!!! *hugs the stuffin' out of the baby* ;)

2002-07-15 19:02:39 ET

You think? hmmm...Yepps definitely...People always swoon over babies...man...

2002-07-15 19:08:36 ET

The face! That look! TOO CUTE!

2002-07-15 19:17:02 ET

Yayee...I'm hella ugly now.

2002-07-15 19:18:54 ET

Nah, see you be cute! ;)

2002-07-16 07:27:18 ET

Hey, dont tell me you didn't swoon (or used to swoon probably) over your kids...where'd yer photos of them go?

2002-07-16 07:36:32 ET

I still swoon over them. I am going to be putting new ones of thm up soon, they change so fast. I did go through and delete lot of back post on my page, but knowing me everyone will be bombarded with pictures soon enough. :)

2002-07-16 14:47:21 ET

heh, watch out everybodyee...Heheheh...

2002-08-13 06:58:07 ET

Hmmmmmmmm I deleted both of those pics...It seems pics don't get terminated indefinitely.....

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