2002-07-19 18:23:08 ET

I slapped a photo of Rayvin in my screen saver. Why the hell I did that, I dunno. I'm a little bored and fucked in the head right now...

2002-07-24 05:43:10 ET

You know you love me Bee... :-D

2002-07-24 10:07:29 ET

Cool. I don't think I have that many friends that live that far away from me...Whatever, at any rate, I gotts a new friend teh bother and be bothered by...YAYEE!!!

2002-07-24 14:17:54 ET

LMAO.... Yea... don't you feel so special?

2002-08-11 18:59:51 ET

I LOVE YOU! * rapes and runs *

2002-08-12 11:36:18 ET

better every time

2002-08-12 12:31:22 ET

You know it... * undresses and slides in bed waiting for you *

2002-08-12 12:38:19 ET

oh bloody hell......why do you have teh be a jillion miles away...

2002-08-12 13:20:19 ET

Heh heh I take it you'd take me up on that offer?... Hmm don't worry about it!... someday... I promise you that... >.~

2002-08-13 06:28:08 ET

Heh. I got it in wirting.....

2002-08-13 08:21:15 ET

Um no you go it in typing LMAO... any who Meet me on AIM NOW! Love you!

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