2002-07-20 20:07:30 ET

Can somebody tell me how to write big? I have been trying to write big and nothing happens.

2002-07-20 20:12:30 ET

ummm, I think it worked. :P

2002-07-20 20:24:39 ET


2002-07-20 20:32:00 ET

You guys know I did that on purpose, right? I wanted to see who'd laugh at this and how many hits I'd get...I think it's working...now how's about different colors, eh?

2002-07-20 20:34:11 ET

it is...you have succeeded....

very cool

2002-07-20 20:36:13 ET

Yayee...Now somebody tell me how to write in green...

2002-07-20 20:42:16 ET

:P I was teasing right back :P

2002-07-20 20:45:39 ET

Heh. cool.

2002-09-18 15:48:18 ET

Ah. But how do you center text?

2002-09-18 19:06:58 ET

I do not know :P

2002-09-19 11:01:02 ET

But that is a deprecated tag!

2002-09-19 13:54:05 ET

lol just as complicated as font faces or *gasp* LINKING!!!

2002-09-19 14:04:34 ET

... and



2003-01-15 00:27:04 ET

Ya the man bee

2003-01-15 11:51:55 ET


2003-01-16 14:05:44 ET

well then

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