2006-04-22 15:39:01 ET

I done made me a myspace...i did it a while a go but I never mentioned it, so here it be:

I think that this month was like DDR-out-the-wazoo month, and all I have to say is dont import 2nd ReMix. Its unplayable...but it does have Tubthumping! I also got Mario Mix with a check I got from my great aunt for no reason except it was around Easter I guess. The game actually wasn't half-bad. It had some neat music...some not so neat music...and then it had "Pomp and Circumstance." I thought it would have stunk but the game totally sold out so I had to see what the fuss was about. Ergh I had to send my parents out to Philly during my class to grab me a used copy. It was that hard to score...and it had no dance pad on top of that! I've been playing with a controller until today when I had to settle for a Mad Catz Beat Pad, which only exists because of MC Groovz. It's a not to shabby alternative. lol It'll be less shabby when i do something like this! But I ponder about the Action Pad as I believe its made by Nintendo: the lovely makers of the Power Pad! To do on a Konami Dance Pad what you did on a Power Pad would have killed it. So thats about it. I thank my parents heavily for bearing with me the best that they could this week....and SK for not deleting my scarce ass.
Oha Star Dance Dance Revolution (PSX)
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix (PSX)
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (PSX)
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix (PSX)
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix (PSX)
Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix (GCN)

2006-04-22 16:36:42 ET

LOL, you post like once a year.

2006-04-23 04:54:50 ET

Ha-Ha, actually I need to be more active....on here and the other places like vampirefreaks. I've been tweaking my myspace so much that all i have right now is a song up. lol Damn bandwagon!!!

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