eeeeeeew guessy what?
2002-07-29 11:19:50 ET

Check this out...I just heard A&F's been making thongs fer little girlses, discuss...

2002-07-29 11:20:57 ET

yeah i've heard of that for awhile now
isn't it terrible?
i think that is nasty

2002-07-29 11:26:01 ET

sinthetik1 brought that up in a thread on my page about how insain little girls clothes have become. The whole thing is here:
Creepy is what I call it. :/

2002-07-29 11:26:21 ET

I dunno who the hell was behind that or why the hell they were behind it...bottom line: fucked up...

2002-07-29 11:28:19 ET

Sick, very.
And sad, I had to get little sis's summer clothes in the boys section. Oh hell she is cute in anything. :)

2002-07-29 11:35:33 ET

Ooooo thanks. I read it. See this is why I hate society...I see it fucking up more every day...

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