I swear he's ALBINO!!!
2002-08-01 04:57:43 ET

Check out this little number I did...

Did it using This animation program the-N's got. My folks hate it because they think he's "pulling a Michael-Jackson" I don't care I like it....

2002-08-01 05:01:13 ET

interesting :D

2002-08-01 05:05:53 ET

Ain't that hard really.....d'know they only give you seven cells to work from? ehh.....

2002-09-18 15:44:44 ET

It's so small, I can't tell what is happening. It certainly looks like a Jackson. What's actually going on?

2002-09-19 13:46:32 ET

it's the old version of my avatar guy transforming into the new one is all

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