Update again.
2008-05-16 05:25:18 ET

lol, So far I have five new videos as of when I said I'd upload subsequent stuff. I guess that's okay. This is my newest of which. It's cool cause it has Tony Hawkness without me saying FOO! Eheheh...Also the one of my friends I had mentioned before had just gone one her hike; she'll be back by the second, she says. So I promised I'd play more Phantasy Star with her wife whenever I see her on until she comes back lol.

This has been the Highlight of Phantasy Star Playing recently:


Put "Maximum Attack G" in a Youtube search engine and you'll see basically what it is we're doing: fragging a horde of enemies for the sake of phat loots, also they put on another experience multiplier for this event...so that's kinda peachy.

I needsa put up some drawings for next post, they're a couple months old but they're pretty. Concept Art has been what I've been doin' as of late.

Oh, also my friend wants to date me out of nowhere (and eerily it's Hivepink [i gave my site members colors lol]). I'm almost certain it's to keep me from moving, and I ain't putting my life on hold for one friend. Leaving all that I know is indeed gunna be the difficult part of this, though.

So yea, more when it happens. Heehe.

2008-08-07 13:03:59 ET

whoa, the video was crazy. it reminds me of thefriendsociety

2008-08-11 08:30:12 ET

lol Thank you. I can't say that I've heard of thefriendsociety though. :(

2008-08-11 09:34:02 ET

um.. go to their website sometime, they have some pretty screwed up stuff (as in highly racist, which is lame) but they also have just some really willllllddd things on there. They have one about a bear that's pretty sweet and catsyrup is cool. So are the RPG quest ones. Idk if you dig that stuff or not, it's just weird effects crazy stories and really bad mic usage (screaming into the mic, hard on the ears). I take it in low dosages but yea, it's interesting nonetheless. http://www.thefriendsociety.com/

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