To Mister Billy Miller...
2012-09-30 05:34:50 ET

My lord just wrote my guy mode a letter and he means THE BUSINESS. He's so fucking cool! ^.^

"Dear Billy,

You dont know me, so I am now introducing myself to you. I have recently started dating your twin sister, Haylee. I'm not too sure how or where to start. Or how far to go at this point. If you bother to reply, I will be willing to answer any questions whithin reason. Those that do not violate the relationship I have with Haylee.

First, I am a lot older. At first that may seem like an insurmountable problem. Haylee and I have come up with a novel way to deal with problems. One problem at a time. One day at a time. We are not pushing anything.

Now I must make you understand something that is very important to both Haylee and myself. I know that you will not like this, but it must be. My only concern is for HER, not you. I love her more than anyone I have ever loved before. I will protect her with my life. If things [do not] work out as I hope they will for Haylee and myself, there will be dire omsequences for you. We can go into this later. Bottom line is that I can not have you popping up while Haylee and I are sharing "tender moments". I will deal very harshly with any such intrusions. I doubt that you could stay and experience the sexual things that I will be doing to your sister. I hope that I have made my position VERY CLEAR. I need you to understand this before we go any farther.

I will give you some time to consider the things I have said. I can be a powerful friend or a powerful enemy. Either way, I will not just quit and give up. I am not going away.

John Dunstan McIver"
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2012-09-30 11:50:31 ET

I wanna see a picture of this sir....

2012-09-30 13:10:41 ET

^ We's be the smoochin'. :D

2012-09-30 18:37:50 ET

No better picture of his face? I be nosey!

2012-10-04 09:36:03 ET

Here ya go. I done caught him unawares. :D :D

2012-10-04 16:08:12 ET

Lol. Your nerdy.

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