HAL is Coming! :O
2013-12-07 10:35:42 ET

Years ago, if I told anyone I'd one day merely talk to my game console and get a Pizza for it, I'd have been considered crazy. Thank you, Kinect, for keeping me out of the Happy House. :P
The Internship
Lilo & Stitch
The Nightmare before Christmas
The Emperor's New Groove

Street Fighter X Tekken (X360)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (X360)
Saints Row IV (X360)
Power Rangers Super Samurai (X360)
Pokemon Y (3DS)
Sonic Lost World (3DS)
Power Rangers Megaforce (3DS)
Trap Shooting/Marksman Shooting/Safari Hunt (SMS)
Street Figther II (GB)
Super Mario Bros: Deluxe (GBC)

2013-12-07 12:34:21 ET

is it sad I've only used my kinect to access the dashboard? It's probably worse that I haven't played an XBOX game in 8 months and only use my 360 for hulu and netflix!

2013-12-07 14:45:04 ET

Naaah, I barely play things as much as I did myself, especially now that music games are going by the wayside. That list of games I just put is pretty much since last post. :P

2013-12-09 05:24:30 ET

Xbox, like this post.


2013-12-31 08:51:10 ET


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