liar liar plants for hire-thats pants on fire patrick-you would know liar
2002-08-24 18:37:48 ET

damn did Tori junior make me inspire some nice Scheiße...

"Uhm.......@#$! I swear, Tori. that's my uhm.....MOBILE PHONE!!"

It was a sick humor joke we had...did some weird roleplaying and I somehow ended up quoting a line from Sailor and the 7 Ballz...Yayee what a dork I am...discuss

2002-08-24 18:52:54 ET

hahah, that's a kool pic! You got my pee-ture up on your page! ^_^ i feel special!

2002-09-03 09:49:21 ET

You quoted sailor moon porn?

2002-09-03 12:12:15 ET was a compilation of popular characters...and it was a really funny movie...yes I am a dork.

2002-09-03 17:54:28 ET

Yeah, i worked a comic-con last year and a friend and i bought anime porn for a friend of ours and it was sailor moon and some dragonball z and a bunch of other people from other animes... it was kinda creepy... but they had that "its just my moble phone" line in there

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