2002-08-30 08:08:13 ET

The cameraman: Okay, I just need you two to pose and smile and junk.
Tori: Oh he's perfect.
beedrill: Oh yes, perfect.
The cameraman: Uhhh...whatever. just pose and smile an' junk

The cameraman: Okay, now just go to the other stand and pick them up...
couple: heheheheh...
The cameraman (kinda freaked out):uhm...you guys are still here...
Tori: Oh yes.
beedrill: I believe we are.
The cameraman: uhhhhhhh...

2002-08-30 15:57:42 ET

you scare me.... Now whose a 3rd wheel?

2002-08-30 15:59:24 ET

hey Tori is based on a lot of girls...you very muchy

2002-08-30 16:04:25 ET

Why me?

2002-08-30 16:09:47 ET

beacause I find you very witty an' interesting an' such...the interesting girls really reflect her personality...Hey wait!! I forgots the stitches between her eyes.....well I can fix that when I color it...

2002-08-30 17:32:54 ET

* crys *

2002-08-31 06:49:25 ET

Whatevers.......I lover you anyway ^_^

2002-08-31 13:12:15 ET

lol only you bee....

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