The danceboard megacrisis...
2002-09-15 10:59:56 ET

Heh...Well while Dance Dance is pretty basic, Pump is great fer really big pants...

2002-09-15 11:39:59 ET

hah thats great

nice job

2002-09-16 12:29:28 ET

i suck at ddr. darrr

2002-09-16 12:35:01 ET

lol I'm not stellar, but I'm okay

2002-09-16 12:35:55 ET

and Pump it Up is just damn weird

2002-09-16 12:38:07 ET

i look like a retard when i play it, and all those asian freaks are pushing on me to get the goddamn arcade machine. so i just piss them off more and play more of it, and i go epilespic

2002-09-16 12:46:14 ET

lol around my way DDR machines are usually really vacant...prolly cause a lot of people are ascared of that game...

2002-09-16 12:53:18 ET

oh yeah.. well like i said here the asians would kill for it, stupid eh

epilespsy kinda sucks

2002-09-17 14:56:45 ET

lol I would too, all the good home versions of the game are in Japan, and you gotta either import one like I did, or hit the arcades, which I don't really have a problem with doing cause there's a machine at the skate park in the mall, I just take the bus to the mall and that's it. but DDRMAX should be pretty sweet when it hits U.S...

and, might I add, people are prolly even more ascared of Pump it Up. When we was at the the philly Dave and Busters like me and and a friend were the only people who touched that machine all day...

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