2002-09-17 14:39:43 ET

I'm starting to think that like maybe they should stop resturaunt themes at the bathrooms...maybe them loos shouldn't be themed with the rest of the place...because there was something I really had to laugh at yesterday...like out of the corner of my eye at the Outback yesterday I find this chick standing in front of a door marked "Sheilas" fer like ten minutes...then she like stops one of the waiters and says "uhm this is the ladies room, right?" waiter: "mm-hmm yea" chick: "okay" then she runs in...lol did that make my night...

I'm getting perklempt; talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a subject: Duran Duran is neither a Duran, nor a Duran; discuss...(no I didn't make that one up)
Bleeding Fingers:
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (PSX)
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 (PS2)
Goldeneye 007 (N64)
Super Smash Bros (N64)
Dance Dance Revolution (PSX)
Aggresive Inline (PS2)

2002-09-17 14:42:45 ET

[unrelated] whoa, how did i get on the too cool list?

2002-09-17 14:46:48 ET

lol you didn't buddy me back...I ain't pissed though...lol I keep a log of many things totally obscure...

2002-09-17 14:47:43 ET

i see

2002-09-17 14:53:49 ET

haha at the restaurant thing.

and i must tell you you must put away your n64 and get your hands off inline

2002-09-17 15:01:26 ET

how come, are you best than me or something?

2002-09-17 15:19:47 ET

no, n64 is old, and inline sucks, and i'm.. rude

2002-09-17 15:30:17 ET

inline or Agressive Inline? please note that I don't catch on very well...heheheheheheh...and i do that a lot heheh

2002-09-17 15:31:31 ET

ohh don't worry. i meant the game yes, Agressive Inline

2002-09-17 15:39:20 ET

Okay and yeah that game has problems its too ficking hard...and oh yeah I don't have an N64, the private school I go to doesn't have a cafeteria, we eat in the room, and there's an N64 in the TV, hell there are all kinds of consoles in that school, room next door's got a PsOne and down stairs there's an NES...so it's like really kooky...

2002-09-17 15:41:18 ET

hahah! wow i think we got the funniest school here.. do you have poneys?

2002-09-17 15:46:40 ET

nope no ponies

2002-09-17 15:50:38 ET

still cool

2002-09-17 15:53:34 ET

lol we're like more of an alternative school, just the kids who aren't a problem are upstairs and stuff..heheh

2002-09-17 15:54:05 ET

hey Alison yer not pissed at me, are you?

2002-09-17 15:55:00 ET

ohh.. you are being tested by the feds i'm telling ya, like lab rats! lmao

2002-09-17 16:01:32 ET

lol I would sooooo not be surprised; this a weird son of a school

2002-09-17 16:08:53 ET

hee hee

2002-09-17 16:16:04 ET



2002-09-17 16:18:02 ET

the x box will eat you one day, and you will fall in the hole

2002-09-17 16:23:12 ET

yeah, the hole the x box leaves after i throw it against a brick wall

2002-09-17 16:23:47 ET

A FOURTY FOOT MY 60 FOOT HOLE. i'll need a fuckin steroid high or something to lift the 900 pound x box

2002-09-17 16:27:26 ET

that's right. i heard steroids give sore throat. would you still risk it?

2002-09-17 16:28:29 ET

to throw an x box...yes.

2002-09-17 16:32:02 ET

you are a sick person

2002-09-17 16:34:42 ET


2002-09-17 16:35:19 ET

The Tear.

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