2002-09-18 12:20:45 ET

"bee is so fucking cool because she added me as a buddy on her page"

best funny thing anyone has ever said to me here...I knew this name'd get me in trouble
Bleeding Ears:
Nappy Roots: Awnaw POD rock remix

2002-09-18 13:46:11 ET

"PenguinProdigy, you are god"
was the comment that made me really joyful inside..it was made by the same person that made your comment.

2002-09-18 13:53:26 ET

lol but I was asking for it cause the name spelled B-E-A is indeed a girl name...B-E-E is an insect and thus not a suitable name for anyone......don't matter though, still made made my afternoon

2002-09-18 13:56:29 ET


2002-09-18 14:09:09 ET

wait, who's the fucker who said this :rolleyes:

2002-09-18 14:13:05 ET

oh, some guy goes by the name of Jesus..

2002-09-18 15:38:52 ET

But you are not Bea. You are


The "drill" part makes it cyber-manly and scary. Or at least cyber-ambiguous.

I totally loved the name "Beedrill Fiver" since I first saw it. What's the story behind it?

2002-09-18 15:39:53 ET


2002-09-18 15:49:35 ET

There is a pokemon called Beedrill? What's it have to do with the number 5?

I know nothing about Pokemon. Well, that's obvious now.

2002-09-18 15:51:41 ET

yes! the pokemon is a bee!

2002-09-19 14:13:36 ET

Fiver was utterly spontaneous. well it might have to do with my old screenname on SEGA.com, billman514...I guess I had the five in mind when I was getting the new one...and it also was going to be charizard5, that prolly had more to do with it..glad you like it though...rock on *buddies yer ass*

2002-09-19 14:21:04 ET

SEGA.com rocks. i think i my account there is 'phil80' ahhh online dc gaming.. good times =)

2002-09-19 14:21:14 ET

/me all nostalgic

2002-09-19 14:25:48 ET

cool...my name there now is beedrill_5er heheh

2002-09-19 14:27:35 ET

did you use to play games on there?

2002-09-19 14:28:01 ET


2002-09-19 14:28:13 ET

ok, you may now continue.

2002-09-19 14:28:51 ET

useless PP

2002-09-19 14:34:13 ET

phil=I played Bomberman until they closed the servers (motherfucking motherfuckers)

2002-09-19 14:38:09 ET

yeah, they're motherfuckers, it was a new game, sigh

2002-09-19 14:53:28 ET

Since we're sharing handle origins...

"Random Tox" was the name of a suave and seductive blender salesman from a song by Yello.

2002-09-19 15:03:25 ET

phil=you ever play bomberman? on there I was beedrill F (too many characters)
random=hhmm that's cool...I should check these guys out

2002-09-19 15:04:40 ET

yeah i played bomberman online a few times.. well like 3 :) fucking cool it was

2002-09-19 16:45:05 ET

Did Sega shut down all its online gaming from the dreamcast?

2002-09-19 16:45:37 ET

yes. some PSO1 servers still lives i think though

2002-09-19 19:10:29 ET

Someone gave me a Dreamcast a while ago, but no games, so it just sits in a box. I think I'll give it to my brother.

What are driving games for the DC that let you just drive around aimlessly without a time limit? that's what my brother likes best.

2002-09-20 03:57:15 ET

um strangly i can't think of any. oh well if you ever think it's useless i'll buy it cheap. you always need one for when the other breaks :)

2002-09-20 07:09:13 ET

I am a die hard PC gamer. Unreal Tournament 2003 rules. w00t!

2002-09-20 07:09:50 ET

plus it's gone gold now :D

2002-09-20 07:10:42 ET

Already? Excellent. The Demo is not enough. I am suffering without the full version.

2002-09-20 07:11:14 ET


2002-09-20 13:31:26 ET

just PSO version one? I'm looking to grab one of them

2002-09-20 14:12:24 ET

well, definitly grab PSO1!! it's free to play too. as the paying system was abandonned, they abandonned pso2 too

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