2002-05-02 03:41:37 ET

It's thursday and it's 8:40. The private school I go to isn't having any class today and tomorrow because it's Teachers' Inservice time again.

My master plan: ask to go to the mall and play dance dance revolution and use the skate park, bringing up the point that it won't be crowded because damn near all of the public school goers are going to be in school. Wish me luck yeh crazies....

:please hold:

It worked yayee!!! I'm going dancin' and blading right after lunch...

2002-05-08 17:10:56 ET

*YaY* sounds like lots of fun. so since thurday already passed. Did you have fun??

2002-05-09 11:14:39 ET

Yess...I rocked DDR that day...I enjoyed how afraid people were of playing DDR and the ones who did really fucked up. Skating on the other hand...doesnt seem to be my forte...One of the reasons being I gotta get weird special wheels for my skates that will allow me to slide on things and better my handling...the normal kind is in no way meant for that...just normal skating...Play Dance Dance Revolution...every other arcade game I've found pales in comparison...'cept Fighting Vipers which I haven't found anywhere.....

2002-05-09 13:41:53 ET

hahaha thats coolios =)

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