2002-09-20 14:31:26 ET

Hmmmmm It's funny some things you remeber

Today is my ex, dTori's birthday

I remember when I was drinking my Pepsi Kona and I woulda sneezed it on my freind had he not used his homework paper to sheild it off--damn quick thinking that was

Anyone wanna share?

2002-09-20 14:54:07 ET

Hi! I was playing soccer on Tuesday and I feel on my ass. I was also wearing white pants so I had a huge grass stain on my ass.

2002-09-20 15:00:41 ET


2002-09-20 15:39:41 ET


what? the girl the soda or the ass stain?

2002-09-20 15:46:01 ET

Here I share a beer!! CHEERS!!!!

2002-09-20 15:48:17 ET

down the hatch and all that shit

2002-09-20 15:50:57 ET

Haha rawk!

2002-09-20 15:51:20 ET

I wanna hump.

2002-09-20 15:52:01 ET

Hump away.....

2002-09-20 15:53:52 ET

I can hump you?

2002-09-20 16:00:34 ET

Fine tease me if you may.....I'm gonna go blow up my condoms now (my ex did that and threw em at people, or left them on people's doors) I'ma go expand the trade. That's the only use I'ma have for those things heheheheh

2002-09-20 16:03:34 ET

Sure hump away just dont be messy...

2002-09-20 16:05:12 ET

ewww I dun wanna hump u. oh well. *humps mofo* ooo bee want me to hump you?

2002-09-20 16:09:01 ET

No no dont hump me!!! I dont want a pity hump!! Grrrrrr........

2002-09-20 16:11:23 ET

mofo..your so hawt. same with you bee. and I'm not high..I wish I was though.

2002-09-20 16:15:34 ET

Yayee do-it-do-it-do-it!!!!!!

2002-09-20 16:35:12 ET

why didn't i get a hump? :'(

2002-09-20 16:36:07 ET

ok ok **humps phils...Wait Wait no no i told you im not gay! stop this...

2002-09-20 16:44:49 ET

NooooOOoo. sad memories coming to me. i already tried to go out with you. i'm soo confused

2002-09-20 16:45:15 ET

Ahhhhh!!!!! no no no not me sk slut not me!

2002-09-20 16:59:34 ET

Oh torment me more will ye?

2002-09-20 17:00:43 ET

*humps bee* :D

2002-09-20 17:02:52 ET


2002-09-20 17:03:59 ET

philli join the fun ;)

2002-09-20 17:04:00 ET


2002-09-20 17:05:13 ET

heehee!! :D MOFO needs to join too!!

2002-09-20 17:24:31 ET

:::infamous group sex is going on:::

2002-09-20 17:26:15 ET

Sam just molest mofo dammit heheheh

2002-09-20 17:38:34 ET

Wha?? molest me?? You cant molest the willing :P

2002-09-20 17:39:15 ET

YAY. help me thopugh!! *humps mofo hard*

2002-09-20 17:39:31 ET


2002-09-20 17:39:38 ET

stop this willing madness! ya'll see if ya wanna get mollested by big bro

2002-09-20 17:40:40 ET

No big bro molesting me damnit!

2002-09-20 17:40:54 ET

*humps mofo more* FUN. you guys come in. :D:D:D

2002-09-20 17:41:24 ET

Ok this is getting wierd....

2002-09-20 17:42:15 ET


2002-09-20 17:42:20 ET

cool!!! *is helping yeh baybee*

2002-09-20 17:42:49 ET

Woah!! I havent gotten play like this in soooo long!! RAWK!

2002-09-20 17:43:26 ET

hahah it's fun how mofo, 22 gets to participate. i really love it :P

2002-09-20 17:44:09 ET

**ashamed mofo now sits in the corner waiting for the police to come get him**

2002-09-20 17:45:12 ET

Bee likc his left ear!! *licks mofo's right ear* lmao.

2002-09-20 17:46:34 ET

haha yes. i forgot it was an orgy.

hahahha lmao that was so funny

2002-09-20 17:47:53 ET

ok so how about them bears???

2002-09-20 17:47:55 ET

lol i licked it heheheh

2002-09-20 17:49:13 ET

u weerd ppl

2002-09-20 17:49:23 ET

i gave the bears beer

2002-09-20 17:50:14 ET

lol what bears?

2002-09-20 17:51:02 ET

lmao. *licks bee's ear* :D

2002-09-20 17:58:34 ET

the ultimate slut haha

2002-09-20 17:59:49 ET

hmmmmmm *ponders he didn't go after no one* what ever samn'phil gotta get nailed dammit.......

2002-09-20 18:00:44 ET

*sexs up bee* :D

2002-09-20 18:20:22 ET

yeayeayeah coolness

2002-09-21 03:15:38 ET

:( philly was gone and the orgy is over

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