get winded and fall on yer can revolution-=--no dance dance
2002-09-21 08:16:42 ET

lol I got little kids trying to play lmao rotflmao

2002-09-21 08:21:19 ET

you sick minded person you!! Rock on!! Cheers!!!

2002-09-21 08:23:21 ET

wtf is sick about it lol?

2002-09-21 08:41:35 ET

nothing.....guess what? we just all went on the pad and did crazy shit....needless to say...we got an E

2002-09-21 08:45:43 ET

yay! i get F's though

2002-09-21 08:49:27 ET

we're idiots....we started a game where we fought each other off the pad....heheheheheh

2002-09-21 08:50:19 ET

woopass. i want to fight people. i need blood right now.

2002-09-21 08:50:41 ET

i wish i did that. iwannab gave me the idea

2002-09-23 16:08:57 ET

i wanna play........i never played it....*cries* i'm not kool lol

2002-09-23 16:33:10 ET

lol once you go DDR every other game in that damn arcade pales in's a nice list of PA machine locations

2002-09-23 16:34:14 ET

i adore your box avatar, tasha

2002-09-23 16:37:15 ET

i's so nicey

2002-09-23 16:42:14 ET

i'm a dinosaur. i might eat you.

2002-09-23 16:50:14 ET


2002-09-24 01:33:37 ET

lol, hehe, thanx

don't eat me and bee, if you try, i'll stab you in the toe with a toothpick haha

2002-09-24 07:17:59 ET

owwwwww. i will not then :scared:

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