The dykes, boss......the dykes the dykes!!!!
2002-09-29 07:53:43 ET

Donna told me to take the liberty of writing down the ministry thing she was gonna say fer jessi and tasha's mock wedding...(I got let in...We're all so cool) I'ma forget most likely so I gotta keep this here

This here is what she said...

"i'm gonna say 'tasha, look lady, you damn well better say yes, now, do you wanna marry this jessi person over here?'
and she'll say 'yea'
and i'll say
'alrighty then. do you, tasha, take jessi, as your unlawfully wedded wife?'
and she'll say 'i do'
and i'll say
'damn right. now. jessi, do you wanna go live the rest of your life with this tasha chick? or at least until you decide to break up, since this ain't legal anyhows"
and you'll say 'yea"
and i'll say
'thats what i thought, fucker. ok then, do you, jessi, take tasha to be your unlawfully wedded wife?'
and you'll say 'i do'
and i'll say
'yep yep. ok, the bride may now kiss the other bride. LOL'"

LOL till yeh cant LOL no further
Bleeding Fingers
Tomb Raider (PSX)
Gran Turismo 3 (PS2)

2002-09-29 08:38:19 ET

Hehe I just played tomb raider for like 2 hours... oh and i find your drawings amusing. they are great. later.

2002-09-29 09:06:40 ET

I like the cheese. Hey bee, do you have a ps2 and network adapter????

2002-09-29 10:07:07 ET

soooOOoo bee, when you getting married?

2002-09-29 12:01:16 ET

I aint getting married.......too scary an' shit...and it leads to kids and financial crap

Somebody on (I think darkninjadave) once said this

"This is how you keep money in your pocket never get in a relation ship; women will drain your bank account quickly. If you never have a wife your life will be greatly improved and you will never take on the responsibilty to raising a family"-----prolly different with dykes though....I dunno...

But I'm serious..NO!!! If I knock a girl up then I'll think about it..that's how serious

2002-09-29 12:06:07 ET

hey Randi----yer place aint bad dress cool

2002-09-29 12:10:33 ET

lol. i'm married for.. FUN

2002-09-29 12:11:24 ET

i'm probly not getting married in real life. if i do it's only for fun and it's not religious and its not expensive and i know it's the girl

2002-10-02 14:13:42 ET

oh yeah.......Andy I don't have a Network Adapter yet

2002-11-22 12:14:51 ET

okay now I do, no memcard I'm limited to what I can play (only title out of which is tony hawk 3)..bleh damn

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