Gawd why don't we just join a damn cult.....
2002-10-02 14:36:57 ET

So my moms is apparently ashamed of me because I have lez an' bisexual friends and wants me teh stop talking to them (hell will freeze over years before that happens), discuss...
Bleeding Fingers
Super Smash Bros (N64)
MetalHead (32X)
Cosmic Carnage (32X)

2002-10-02 14:44:30 ET

good! don't stop talking to them! you're moms retarded for trying to make you stop! GAY PRIDE! lol

2002-10-02 14:54:26 ET

another 'parents-on-homosexuality' thing. that's just stupid. go ahead and tell them YOU'RE GAY

2002-10-02 14:56:38 ET

...bee, ARE you gay? lol

2002-10-02 15:07:18 ET


2002-10-02 15:09:13 ET

That is completely insane that she wants you to stop talking to them just because of their sexual orientation. You should inform her that her thinking is biased and unreasonable, and in today's world, very outdated.
No place for prejudice in our society!

2002-10-03 09:25:52 ET

donna-I'm bi..and I like how much that screws with her

sykospark-hear hear...rock on baybee!!!

2002-10-03 11:15:58 ET

oh. you're bi. i dunno if i should "go" bi. it's strange.

2002-10-03 12:28:33 ET

bee, so i'm assuming your mother knows you're bi, then?

i'm bi-curious... tasha calls me "confused lil white girl" lol

2002-10-03 12:29:21 ET


2002-10-04 07:52:32 ET

well my sister knows i'm bi-curious, she doesn't think much of momndad on the other hand apparently think they has talked me out of it...pleh

2002-10-04 08:10:00 ET

LOL... talked you out of it... are they RETARDED? sheesh lol

2002-10-04 10:58:02 ET

they just still don't know it's not changeable i guess. even after those millions of TV SHOWS.

2002-10-04 12:29:57 ET

heh.....yeah..I also think they might be mad because I only have white and mixed friends...They say they influenced me incorrectly...i am so fighting the urge to do something not nice...(well, pyhsically anyway)
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2002-10-04 12:33:54 ET

GOD YOUR PARENTS SUCK BEE!!!! hire a hitman.

2002-10-04 12:35:03 ET

UH LALA. what's your plan anyway,

2002-10-04 13:36:30 ET

My plan, phil? steal moms forgotten 50 from the cabinet and just up and go to the mall. I always go when I get tweaked about stuff. Makes my mom mad because I don't ask

2002-10-04 13:45:48 ET

hitmen donna? no guess I'll be stomaching my dad having fits screaming an' calling me white boy fer a while lol

2002-10-04 13:51:53 ET

stealing! :O

2002-10-04 13:53:13 ET

well use that 50 for the hitman! lol

2002-10-04 13:54:12 ET


2002-10-04 14:00:23 ET

lol I want me a network adapter fer my PS2....then I'm asking for the 20 she owes me fer making cards an' scoring a memcard fer the one that's gone (I can only save in my PSX games now....erggh) just really angsty right now can't you tell?

2002-10-04 14:03:08 ET

lol... s'ok, we love you.

2002-10-04 14:06:18 ET

lol.......thanksch baybee

2002-10-04 14:10:02 ET


2002-10-04 14:12:13 ET

heh where'd yer pic go?

2002-10-04 14:14:52 ET

i'm re-doing my page

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