lol......Am not!!!
2002-10-05 11:46:24 ET

What kind of Goth would you be?

brought to you by Quizilla

You're a Denial Goth! You are so not Goth. In fact you're Post-Punk/Darkwave/Whatever lesser-known synonym for goth is popular this week. Give it up, it's obvious you're a Goth.

2002-10-05 13:30:45 ET

denial goth in that test = not a goth

2002-10-05 13:38:49 ET

well I know I aint goth......I dunno what the hell I am

2002-10-05 13:43:34 ET

you are... nothing.

2002-10-05 13:50:20 ET

I thought well.....maybe Rivet and not ex was Rivet, she said I was Rivet...and I always feel like I'm going to break some Pump or DDR machine then

2002-10-05 13:51:26 ET

lol... don't try to be something, you poseur!

2002-10-05 13:55:19 ET

lol well I didn't label myself; she labled me, so then

2002-10-05 14:01:25 ET


wellll, from your pic, i wouldn't label you rivethead, fashion-wise.

2002-10-07 18:23:00 ET

I'm getting there......I promise

2002-10-08 06:38:54 ET

roxxorz yo

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