It smells like Cartoon Planet----Wooweee
2002-10-05 12:27:13 ET

So Apparently one of my Teachers is is just flat out giving me her old SegaCD (high apple pie in the sky hopes) apparently class conversation does some weird stuff sometimes:

J: Yeah, If you wait it out systems get cheap
B: Oh yeah, I got my Genesis for $15
Bee (me of course): And I got my Saturn for $25
Teach (straying from the point a little): We got a SegaCD
Bee: LUCKY!!! I want one
Teach: I'm pretty sure you can have it...getting rid of some stuff
Bee: How much do you want for it
Teach: Nothing you can just have it

I am sooo set up for a fall--I can feel it but whatever....lets see
Bleeding Fingers
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (PS2)

2002-10-05 12:29:47 ET

I have a sega cd...damn you and your page, I have to scroll really far to the right to click the comment button.

2002-10-05 12:43:07 ET

heh I don't get that...prolly because i'm 800x600.....phil came to me saying the same thing

2002-10-05 12:45:23 ET

that is insane, but not quite in the membrabe.

2002-10-05 13:23:40 ET

I have sega cd too! Old skool systems rawk my ass! I have two nintendos with exactly 323 games for it. And alot more old school games.

2002-10-05 13:33:47 ET

you have a woot teacher there! you BASTARD you got a saturn for $25 lol. i bought mine for like $100 (2 controllers mem cards and some game and nights with the controller) PLUS the mod costed me like $25.

mofo- i'm sure you count your goddamn 100-in-1 cart.

2002-10-05 14:57:55 ET

Haha actually if you count that its 423 :P hehe I rock! I also own the power glove AND the power pad

2002-10-05 15:01:24 ET

WOW! you DO impress me. you got the whole set. AARON IS THE BESTEST.

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