Mammy....will you sing TRIP MACHINE?
2002-10-08 11:55:53 ET

Hella cool beanses's the low down highlights of latey, One cool thing is that I got back together with my favorite ladyfriend (I can not! possibly write how good I'm feeling concerning that)we ain't goin' out yet but I don't care.....another thing is that it seems I just might be scoring that SegaCD from my w00t teacher afterall...Today had some cool quirks..I was wearing my shirt that said "OZZY RULES" And this one kid comes up teh me an' says "cool You mean OZZY AND DRIX (osmosis jones TV show I believe) I love att!!!" That I had to laugh at. And on the Bus this one wanted me to play Pokemon with him...I told I had a foreign game (plus the text was poorly converted to english) and it prolly won't work(didn't work with PKstadium2)...kid says it will and I'm like "mmkay" so what happened is I think my game is slower than his because he had to talk to the lady first so that I could join in...we got in and battle commence...we only got but so far...well damn is my game slow because he was already attacking of course my game crashed and i had to throw the game and we had to restart......however....his game got erased and weirdly nothing happened to mine...I told him I TOLD now I'm here writing this and talking to the coolest girl person in the la me.....all your base are belong to me
Bleeding Eyes
Kirby: Right back at ya!

Bleeding Fingers
Pokemon Silver (GBC)
Tetris (GB)
Tetris (NES)
Duck Hunt (NES)
Super Mario Bros (NES)

2002-10-08 12:00:50 ET

that kiddie is STOOPID.

2002-10-08 12:01:00 ET

lol both gb and nes tetris.

2002-10-08 12:07:36 ET

You mean the kid who fucked up on complimenting the shirt or the kid who fucked up and his progress was erased....?

2002-10-08 13:25:28 ET

the pokémon kid yes.

2002-10-08 13:25:35 ET

well...... both lol

2002-10-08 13:59:27 ET


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