2002-10-12 17:30:07 ET


You are moxie. You built this god forsaken software to be the most efficient piece of software ever written. If only you all could see the sourcecode, it's beautiful. He likes to take pictures of construction, play with his adorable kitty, and listens to way too much alt.90's.

What subkultures member are you?

might I add there was a typo in the image url (it says sykospakr.net) and i had to fix it....

2002-10-12 17:32:00 ET

yeah.. if only i could see the sourcecode. HA -HA

2002-10-12 17:36:38 ET

lol I hear it's beautiful

2002-10-12 17:38:19 ET

i'd be all orgasmic and crap and sell the manuscript on ebay

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