2002-05-10 18:15:30 ET

I am übershocked at how accurate these can be sometimes...

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at mutedfaith.com.

Along with sensing outcomes check out my dreams...for example: if I like send away for something, then one night dream of a mail truck, I get what I sent away for the next day. Or if Out of the blue an episode of a Television show I saw a long time ago automatically comes to mind, that episode is played the next time I see it...I've always had this particular suspicion about myself really...I didn't really think that there was a name for it........But when I do my outcome sensing it's usually in theatrical presentations or TV or books, I dont know if that voids it any.....

2002-05-11 08:39:32 ET

coolness =)

2002-05-11 17:58:04 ET

Hmm I might be a step ahead of Time Mage because along with sensing outcomes most of what I said is actually examples of "seeing the future" kinda things...

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